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The IARC/WHO ICD-O Committee1 has updated the draft ICD-O-3.1 classification, with new morphology codes and terms from the 4th series of WHO Classification of Tumours (Blue Books). The IACR Working Group on ICD-O Updates2 has compiled a listing of additions, changes and revisions between ICD-O-3.1 and ICD-O-3.2 as a reference material for cancer registries.

Both documents have been revised according to the comments received during the consultation period and the final Excel tables are available for download in our Support for registries pages.

The ICD-O-3.2 book in pdf format is in preparation. We would like to thank all registries and individuals for comments provided to the draft versions.

1 Ian Cree, Jacques Ferlay, Robert Jakob, Brian Rous, Reiko Watanabe, Valerie White, Ariana Znaor
2 Atul Budukh, Jacques Ferlay, Keri Green, Tomohiro Matsuda, Brian Rous, Ariana Znaor

Dr. Fabián Corral Cordero: A Tribute

FOTO DR. CORRAL 2019bDr. Fabian Corral was a medical pathologist and founder of the Quito Cancer Registry. He encouraged, trained and built working teams in five other cities in the country. Today, Ecuador has six population cancer registries, five of which are included in "Cancer Incidence in Five Continents."

The success of Dr. Corral's management was based on his qualities as a leader, his enormous working capacity and on the tenacity to fulfill proposed objectives. He served as Latin America and the Caribbean's regional representative in the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR), receiving in 2009 the designation of Honorary Member of the IACR for his important contribution to the consolidation of cancer information.

Frank and direct, he fought for his convictions, never gave up facing new challenges; passion for science and collective health marked his life.

Dr. Corral, you fulfilled your task and your example will guide the way of new generations.

 El Dr. Corral fue médico patólogo, fundador del Registro de Cáncer de la ciudad de Quito. Incentivó, capacitó y formó equipos de trabajo en otras cinco ciudades del país. Hoy el Ecuador cuenta con seis registros de cáncer poblacional, cinco de ellos publican sus datos en “Cancer Incidence in Five Continents.”

El éxito de la gestión del Dr. Corral se asentó en sus cualidades de líder, en la inmensa capacidad de trabajo y en la tenacidad por cumplir los objetivos propuestos. Fue representante de América Latina y el Caribe en la Asociación Internacional de Registros de Cáncer, recibiendo en 2009 la designación de Miembro Honorífico de la IACR por su importante contribución a la consolidación de los sistemas de información en cáncer.

Persona franca y directa, luchó por sus convicciones, nunca se rindió frente a nuevos desafíos y el amor por la ciencia y la salud colectiva marcaron su vida. Hasta siempre Dr. Corral, usted cumplió su tarea y su ejemplo guiará el camino de nuevas generaciones.

Patricia Cueva

Director, Quito Cancer Registry, Ecuador

CanReg5 5.00.41 and Handbook

Download the latest version of CanReg5

The latest version of CanReg5 is 5.00.41, released in March 2017, a new version of the handbook on CanReg5 is also now available, view it here.

(For more information, about recent changes, please see the changelog.)

IARC SURVCAN-3 Webinars Available


WEBINAR 1: Data Collection for Survival Studies: follow-up using passive and active methods (available in English and Spanish, click on link above to access)
WEBINAR 2: Data Collection for Survival Studies: data quality and assessment for survival analysis (available in English and Spanish)

Editorial tables with comments will be sent back in February - April 2018.

Childhood Cancer: IICC-3

The International Incidence of Childhood Cancer (IICC) is a collaborative project of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) to disseminate the available data on the incidence of cancer in children around the world.

This is being achieved through the publication of a monograph, the third volume in the IICC series (IICC-3), co-sponsored by the Union of International Cancer Control (UICC). Data from 440 registries in five continents have been collected, validated, analyzed and evaluated. More than 300 registries provided high quality datasets and were selected for publication for IICC-3 after reigorous peer review by the IICC-3 Editors.  The online data has just been released on the occasion of the International Childhood Cancer Day last 15 February 2017.

The IICC-3 Editors acknowledge contribution of all the registries to the improvement of quality and comparability of global data on childhood cancer incidence.

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