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Annual Membership Fees and Fellowship Contributions

Membership fees are essential to fund all of the Association’s activities, namely its fellowships (Calum Muir, Constance Percy, Sharon Whelan, and the organization of the Annual Scientific Conference). It is for this reason that all members, except those designated as ‘Honorary’ are required to pay annual fees. The IACR Executive Board aims to keep membership fees low so that registries from around the world can participate.

Fees as of 2023 (More details on the IACR Membership Structure here)

Member (Voting Members)   US$ 250 or EUR 200 per year
Networks and
Associations of PBCRs
  US$ 750 or EUR 600 per year
Non-Voting Members Individual US$ 125 or EUR 100 per year
  Corporate US$ 750 or EUR 600 per year

Fellowship Programme Voluntary Contributions

To contribute to the IACR's fellowships programmes:


Further information on the fellowships can be found at this page.

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