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On YouTube: Presentation on PBCRs' role in cancer control

Dr Freddie Bray, Head of the Cancer Surveillance Branch (CSU) at the International Agency for Research at Cancer (IARC), presents a brief overview of population-based cancer registries (PBCRs) and their role in cancer control, with a focus on the Sub Saharan Africa region.
He explains the rationale for the sustainable development of cancer registry data, what defines a population-based cancer registry, and presents how IARC is working to increase coverage.  He identified some of the challenges to developing registries and offers solutions to  facilitate the development of cancer registration in Africa which would also be application to other LMIC's, and regions.
More here information and links here:

2022 IACR Honorary Member Awardees

IACR, at the Virtual IACR Scientific Conference held on 8-10 November 2022, awarded honorary memberships to Dr Brenda Edwards (USA) and Dr Stefano Rosso (Piedmont, Italy) for their exemplary contributions to the Association and in the field of cancer registration and surveillance.

Brenda Edwards, US National Cancer Institute 

Stefano Rosso MD, Piedmont, Italy


New ENCR Representative to IACR

Following the end of term of Dr. Michael Eden (Public Health England) at the Steering Committee of the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR), it is our pleasure to announce to the IACR Membership that Dr. Volker Arndt has been appointed as the new ENCR Representative for IACR.  As ENCR Representative, Dr Arndt joins the IACR Board of Directors.

Dr Volker Arndt is currently the Director of Epidemiological Cancer Registry Baden-Württemberg, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany and also serves as Head of Unit of Cancer Survivorship, German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.

Welcome to the IACR Board, Dr Volker Arndt and many thanks to Michael Eden!


New guidelines on staging of paediatric cancers

New Paediatric Non-Stage Prognosticator Guidelines & an update of 2014 Toronto Stage Guidelines by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) & partners have been published. 

The guidelines were developed by a panel of international experts and stakeholders during a meeting held at IARC, covering the collection of standardized information, which facilitates the interpretation and comparison of data on survival and mortality across regions and over time. The panel also reviewed and updated the 2014 Toronto Paediatric Cancer Stage Guidelines.

Read the article in the Lancet Oncology here:  Development of paediatric non-stage prognosticator guidelines for population-based cancer registries and updates to the 2014 Toronto Paediatric Cancer Stage Guidelines



Dr Jacques Estève: A Tribute

We at IACR announce the passing of our colleague Dr. Jacques Estève who passed away on 20 February 2022.

He was a titan in the field of descriptive epidemiology, and continues to have a huge influence on our daily work. Dr Estève worked at the IARC from 1977 served as its Head of Biostatistics Research and Informatics.  He was a remarkable mathematician and described new methods to calculate cancer survival and to estimate national cancer incidence rates using national and regional cancer mortality data. Dr Estève edited or made important contributions to many of  IARC's Scientific Publications, most notably:

Read IARC's obituary here.

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