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Software produced by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in collaboration with IACR, available FREE to members of the Association:


CanReg5 is an open source tool to input, store, check and analyse cancer registry data.Logo

It has modules to do data entry, quality control, consistency checks and basic analysis of the data. The main improvements from the previous version are the new database engine, the improved multi user capacities and that the development is managed as an open source project.

Also included is a tool to facilitate the set up of a new or modification of an existing database by adding new variables, tailoring the data entry forms etc.

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Check and conversion Program

TechRep42P1The publication of the third edition of the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-O-3) (WHO, 2000) required the preparation of new programs to convert and to validate data collected by cancer registries. The data are used for epidemiological research and to monitor disease incidence and survival,  and it is imperative that they be accurate as possible, so as to provide a true reflection of patterns and  trends in cancer occurrence.

A variety of methods are employed to check validity in cancer registries. A widely used method is the so-called internal consistency, whereby computer algorithms are used to detect unlikely or impossible codes,   or combinations of codes. The programs provided in this publication include a revised version of the IARC/IACR Check Program originally published in Comparability and Quality Control in Cancer Registration (Parkin et al, 1994). This first program was created to assess data submitted for Cancer Incidence in Five Continents (IARC Scientific Publications nos. 120, 143 and 155). The new program is based on ICD-O-3.

The technical report  is available here 

Taking into account changes from ICD-O-3 1st revision, a new programme of the IARC/IACR edit checks has been released. The programme provides users with internal consistency checks to detect unlikely or implausible combination of codes.

An updated version of the Multiple primary check program which takes into consideration the new ICD-O-3 1st revision morphological codes is also included within the package, together with the ICD-O-3 1st revision to ICD-10 (2010 edition) conversion program used in the preparation of CI5 Vol. XI.

Download the latest version of (December 2018) ~ 1 MB


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